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The Nederlandse Mini Paarden Registratie Stamboek (NMPRS) was founded in 1993 as an initiative by five individuals with the common goal of breeding miniature horses in the European context through various means of cross-breeding. In order to accomplish this, any breed up to 106 cm was permitted to take part. Breeds were listed as "mini" (up to 86 cm) and "small" (87 to 95 cm) and "oversized" (96 to 106 cm). Animals without proof of ancestry were also permitted to register with the NMPRS, participate in inspections and receive a grading. Stallions without ancestry are not permitted to take part in our covering program. For every pony or horse to be able to take part in its own right and in order to respect the personal preferences of the owners, we judge according to two classes: BASIC TYPE = 100% pure-bred Shetland LUXE TYPE = 12,5 % or more unknown breeding At stallion inspections or mare inspections, the owner may present the animal. Upon placement, the owner may take possession of the grading. At mare inspections, the owner may present the mare or the foal and the animal’s grading may be collected.