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Breeding Purpose

The NMPRS aims to create a Miniature Horse species within the European context through cross-breeding. The exterior appearance of the Miniature Horse. The horses should be an exact replica of their full-sized counterparts. They should be proportional in build. The stallions should exude a glossy radiance. Measurements: 0 to 86 cm Mini, 87 cm to 95 cm Small, 96 to 106 cm Oversized. Head: Fine and noble. Symmetrical profile. A big eye. Dilated nostrils. The head should be proportionate and fit the neck and crest correctly. Ears: The size of the ears should be proportionate to the size of the head. They should be pointed and bent inwards. Neck: Supple and muscular, not extending too low to the breast, of ample length, suitably vertical angle, smooth transition to the withers. Shoulders: Slanted, smooth transition to the withers. Back: Strong, adequate length, well muscled and fitting to the total look. Withers: Strong, of sufficient length, muscular and in proportion to the animal. Croup: Muscular and semi-round, in proportion to the animal. Tail: Attached to the croup in a natural, flowing way. Legs: Firm, dry and planted correctly underneath the body. Hooves: Feet in proportion and of the right width with the proper heeling. Walk: A strong walk with ample length of step. Trot: Strong, lengthy trot using supple movement. Hue: Any colouring is permitted.

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